Lessons Learned

Tonight, I learned two very important lessons. The first is that if the grocery store is out of mai fun, sai fun is not a good substitute. Mai fun is a rice noodle. Sai fun is a mung bean noodle. In dry form, they look similar. That is what made me try. They bean_thread_noodles.jpglooked similar, even had similar names. When sai fun is boiled, it turns clear and has the consistency of a jelly fish. It tastes fine, but looks and feels too creepy to enjoy. The Pastor ate it. I picked out and ate the chicken and veggies and tried to avoid the creepy noodles. The second lesson I learned tonight was that I probably shouldn’t give my dog curry. He ate a little of my Singapore Sai Fun and he was wheezing and coughing after a few bites. I really shouldn’t give Lucas Joe curry. I realize now that was a bad idea. Poor guy. He really liked the taste, but just couldn’t handle it. So, I learned a lot tonight.

One Reply to “Lessons Learned”

  1. i used to live next to a real sweet philipino lady who made the same noodles and she would make them for me all the time. they always kind of freaked me out, b/c of their consistency, i guess. i would always eat them at her house b/c i was afraid i would hurt her feelings. they don’t taste bad they just feel weird. so, your blog struck me as very funny.

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