Black and White Dress for Immy

black dress frontImmy with Flowerback of black dressThis dress is the exact same dress as the green dress I posted about before. The black and white version is much better than the green and navy version. The yoke is black cotton. The rest of the dress is a black and white print jersey cotton. This thing is very soft and cuddly! In the picture of the back of Immy you can see it has a jewel instead of buttons. I guess you could say the jewel is “vintage.” It was on an old necklace I used to wear when The Pastor and I were dating. I haven’t worn the thing in years, so I gave it new life by making it part of Immy’s new dress! I think it matches quite well. She loved this dress. She wore it all day and played pretty hard in it. It is a little big for her, but she is a growing girl, it’ll be too small before I know it! The jersey cotton was a little more difficult to work with, but the results are fantastic! This dress took me a few days to complete, working during the time I could during those two days. I guess it would take about 4 hours if I could have just sat down and worked on it until it was finished. I worked in 20 to 30 minute increments for a weekend. I started on Friday and Immy wore it on Sunday to church! I think she looks mighty cute in it! (In the second picture, she thought I was taking a picture of her flower.)

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