My New Vacuum

We bought a new vacuum yesterday. (Vacuum is such a weird word. Every time I think of the word ‘vacuum’ I think of the little girl on Corina, Carina spelling ‘vacuum’ ‘h-o-o-v-e-r.’)

PhotobucketAidan had an allergic reaction yesterday, poor guy. He had little whelps all over his little body. At first I thought it was bug bites. My initial reaction was to kick poor Lucas Joe out, accusing him of bringing fleas into my house. Lucas did not have fleas. Aidan was the only one with spots. I attempted to vacuum my carpet to get up anything that might be irritating my baby’s delicate skin. It was then that I realized that although my vacuum was noisy and picked up the big stuff (fuzz, tracked in leaves, little foam pellets from The Pastor’s lap desk, etc) it did nothing with the pet hair and much smaller things (dust, pollen, etc).

Aidan’s allergic reaction (we now know that is what it is) is most likely from plums. Yep. Plums. So, no more plums for Aidan. The Pastor came to the rescue with liquid Benadryl. Poor little Aidan. No more plums for Aidan. At least not for the next 6 months or so.

After we got Aidan all fixed up (I guess I should say dope up or de-whelped.), we went and bought a new vacuum. Our price limit was $200. But after reading product reviews and description online, we realized that when it comes to vacuums, there isn’t much difference between a $70 vacuum and a $170 vacuum. The only real differences enter in when you hit the $350 mark or so. So, we went with the cheaper vacuum. Let me tell you, this vacuum is great! We got the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets (it has a couple attachments specifically for pet hair). I re-vacuumed my house and was astonished at all the junk my old vacuum had left behind. It was amazing! I had to empty the thing 3 times before I finished all the carpets. It says it will work on my hard floors, but I have not yet tried that. My floors are mighty clean now though.

All in all, I am happy about my new vacuum. I feel bad for little whelpy Aidan (his whelps return just about every time the Benadryl wears off, and this will continue until those plums are completely out of his system). And I am glad The Pastor came home so quickly on his valiant steed to save the day.

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