Ripping Stitches

There are a few parts of sewing that I do not like. My least favorite part is all the prep work. I really don’t like to iron, but sewing requires a lot of ironing. My iron and I have become friends, so this part doesn’t seem so horrible any longer. Plus, we got this great new iron not too long ago. It is amazing! If I was using my old iron, I think there would be an iron shaped hole in my laundry room window. I don’t like measuring and cutting. Anything without a pattern, I have to measure (two or three or four times) and cut. Anything with a pattern I have to cut a pattern, pin it to the fabric, cut the fabric, and mark the fabric before I can get started on the fun parts! I have also come to hate messing up. I hate ripping out stitches. It is inevitable that on just about every project, I have to rip stitches. It is seriously exasperating. It is at those times that I question why I sew for fun. “Sewing for fun?! This is torture!!” But I really do enjoy it. I am building up my stash of fabrics and scraps. (Hey! I may take up quilting with all those scraps sitting around!)

Yesterday, I finished my butterfly shirt. Well, I almost finished it. It needs a hem and I am undecided on the length at the moment. And at the moment I hate the shirt. I love, love, love everything about it … except the sleeves. I hate the sleeves and I am not sure what I am going to do about it. It has flutter sleeves. The sleeves are perfect. They are put on properly and look exactly like they are supposed to. They just look ridiculous on me. Why wouldn’t I consider that before making the shirt? I have never worn flutter sleeves. They make me look even bigger on top, which is not exactly what I need. I’m not trying to look big and touch. I’m trying to look pretty and girly. I may try to remove the sleeves. (Ahhh! More stitch ripping!) I may try to make new sleeves. (Ahhh! More stitch ripping!) I may just leave them and hope they grow on me. (The only option that doesn’t include stitch ripping.) I just really want to love this shirt- the whole shirt. We’ll see. I still haven’t finished the dress I am making for myself. The sleeves are giving me some problems. I can’t decide what sleeves to do! So far, I have tried a cuff sleeve, a flutter sleeve (no! no!), and a gathered sleeve. I’m really torn between the cuff sleeve and the gathered sleeve. I could always go sleeveless. I’m really bad at bias tapes, though. I really need practice working with them, so maybe I should go that route.

Market BagI created my own version of a diaper clutch the other day. It is super easy and fabulous! I’ll do a tutorial on it soon. It goes well with my buttie, burpie, and hooty set. I also made a market bag. I am very intrigued with the whole reusable grocery bag thing. Although, I do wonder if I’ll look like a lunatic taking a bag full of cloth bags into my neighborhood Kroger. They already look at me like I’m a little loony when I ask for paper bags. (I use paper because I have more uses for paper bags around my house than plastic ones.) I’ll put up a tutorial on how to make these market bags some time. Maybe when I can get my pictures to post. (I currently cannot get my pictures to post because wordpress changed some stuff around.)

My first crocheting project is coming along nicely. I am getting toward the end of my first 3 skeins, so I’m almost 1/4 of the way done! Yipee! It really does take a long time. I did the math and this whole afgan should take about 30 hours of actual work from beginning to end. I guess that is relatively quick, but I can usually only do 15 minutes or so of work on it before having to stop. (That’s life with little ones. And they are both mobile now! Aidan can now get around the house very quickly. He isn’t crawling, he rolls and scoots around.)

All in all, I am pleased with my projects right now. I am having a good time doing them. Perhaps you shall see some of them soon. If anyone wants to donate fabric to me, feel free (scraps are welcome!). If anyone needs something I make made for them (hooty, burpie, buttie, clutchie, market bag, toddler dressed, etc.) let me know. I love having things to make!

3 Replies to “Ripping Stitches”

  1. I need you to make me something! I chose a fabric, I already left a comment on your myspace but I will tell you on here too. I really liked the Amy Butler Belle Coriander #AS-267. It is perfect!

  2. Lindsey,
    Because I made all the pillows and curtains for our apartment, I completely agree that ripping stitches is HORRIBLE! 🙂

    How are you guys?! I told Scott the other day that I like looking at your blog because you and Adam make me laugh 🙂

    Hope you guys are doing well!


  3. Hannah,
    We are doing well. I’m glad The Pastor and I make you chuckle. I must admit, I blog-stalk you guys as well!

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