Coming Clean

Sorry to anyone anticipated a post about laundry. You’ll find no laundry tips here. In fact, it is probably best that you not ask me about laundry. I’m really not a laundry pro, although the Pastor thinks I am. (I am amazing at blood stains- of course!) But generally I just throw clothes in the machine and they come out cleaner than they went in. 

Whispering SecretsI have a confession. I am a bit of a stalker. I tend to eavesdrop, as most of you probably know. I cannot be out and not listen to the conversations going on around me. I know it’s strange. I sometimes find myself mocking people. That isn’t what makes me a stalker. That just makes me no fun to be with at a restaurant. I blog-stalk. Yep. I am an avid reader of blogs of people I don’t know. Some people are just so much more interesting than I am. The Pastor finds this behavior odd. I find myself thinking I am friends with people I have never met or ever talked to. They come up in my everyday conversation. I mean, I don’t guess they should be surprised. Bloggers expect some sort of audience. (Even my blog has a meager audience of 18 readers- and that’s on a good day.) So, I don’t guess big-time blog stars are surprised to find they have stalkers, right? I mean, blog stars are like a version of reality television, only better- it really is real! (As far as one can tell.) 

I guess I could feature a blog star here on my blog! I think I’ll do that from time to time. Today’s blog star is one of my favorites: Mavis.  The Pastor finds me talking about Mavis quite regularly. (“You know, Mavis uses magazines to wrap gifts. Maybe I should do that.”) So, go check out Mavis. If you must, tell her The Pastor’s Wife sent you. She won’t have a clue who you are talking about, but it might make you feel better about being a blog-stalker!

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