My Time In The City

The beautiful children and I took The Pastor to New Orleans for his birthday. I had never been to The Big Easy. The Pastor has been several times. (He’s a Saint’s fan.) I was a little nervous about going to New Orleans. I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if we would find a ruined city or what. I was nervous that maybe the family things weren’t “back together” after the storm. I am happy to say, New Orleans is back! We visited the aquarium, it was great. We stayed in the French Quarter, it was great. If you’ve been thinking about going and hesitating, like I was, because you don’t want to vacation in a city destroyed by a hurricane, I’d suggest you go ahead and go. The city looks great!

Watching Street Performers

The people of New Orleans are so nice. I’m telling you, they have the nicest homeless people I’ve ever met. Imogene is very friendly, so we talked to a lot of homeless people. She’d wave at them and say “hey!” They, of course, would then talk to her. They were super nice. I think Aidan is going to be as friendly as his sister. He brightened a few people with his smile. They loved the street performers. They loved the pigeons and finches. They loved seeing the horse drawn carriages (although, I think they were actually mules, not horses, for the most part). The homeless people were so nice it really made me want to make them some quillows or something. Instead, we donated money to the city’s Meals on Wheels program.

At Cafe Du Monde

I am glad we went. We stayed at the beautiful Hotel St. Marie in the French Quarter. We were able to walk everywhere we went. Which is really a bonus in a city where the food is the main attraction. Plus, it was very nice to not have to load & unload the kids constantly.

I think The Pastor had a good time. So, mission accomplished. He got to eat at some of his favorite New Orleans places. I think he had fun!

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