My Baby Girl Is 2!

It doesn’t seem like this was too long ago. It really feels like I just dressed rolled her up like a little burrito and held her for the first time. It seems like last Sunday when I put her in this goofy little outfit to take her to church for the first time. But it has been two years ago. Two years ago today, I became a Mommy. Two years ago today, I met Imogene Ruth for the first time. She’d been rolling around inside me for a while, but made her official debut two years ago, today. Time sure does fly. This morning was much different that May 18, 2006. For one, I didn’t have to wake The Pastor up out of his coma he calls sleeping to drive me to the hospital. I did not get to eat Chick-Fil-A biscuits for breakfast. I did not give birth to a tiny human being before breakfast. Nope. Today, I woke up with Aidan smacking me in the face. (That is how he always wakes me up! Sweet little devil that he is.) I got up to find a two year old with a massive case of bed head running down the hall to say “Hey, MA!” I picked her up and we twirled and danced for a minute. I ate a cupcake for breakfast after giving the beautiful birthday girl her gifts. (She thought they were amazing!) And we all got ready for church. It was a much different way to spend the morning!

I am missing Baby Imogene a little bit. Two year old Imogene has written on herself with a Sharpie, busted her lip, put a big gash in her chin, spilled chalk all over the floor, smeared chocolate all over herself and the table, dumped 77 letter magnets onto the recently picked up carpet, dirtied two outfits, and eating a wad of Kleenex- all since turning two! Baby Imogene was not like this. Baby Imogene was smiley and laid back. She was content to be where you were. She was happy to have just her chubby little fingers and chubby little toes. Two year old Imogene is wild! But two year old Imogene can give kisses and hugs. She can say “Hey, MA!” when she wakes up. She can “help” me get my hair fixed in the morning. She can “help” me make the bed. Two year old Imogene is quite rascally, but she is still smiley and happy. She is still oh-so-lovable!

Happy Birthday, Imogene!

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