A Romper For A Prince

I have never made an outfit for Aidan. There just aren’t that many cute things you can make a boy. When I found this particular pattern (Simplicity 3808), I knew it was just the thing for my little prince. I finished it in one day. I did modify the pattern a little. I skipped the embroidery on the pocket because… well, I just didn’t like it. I also finished the bottom seam instead of using snap tape. (Aidan busts out of outfits with snaps in the bottom.) I also reversed my buttons/ button holes. I just liked this way better. I think it turned out cute. If you cannot tell, the material is baby blue with a pale yellow paisley print. This is also my first pocket I’ve ever made! I usually omit the pockets altogether, but I decided to go for it this time. The romper is not perfect, but I am very pleased with the outcome. What do you think?

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