I’ve Been Reading

Some of you might remember that I resolved to read more this year. I did not make a new year’s resolution- I simply decided I would read more this year to try to rekindle my love for reading. My love has been soured by several terrible books and I felt like nothing else was worth reading. I have found there are other books out there that I have not read that are worth reading. (And some that aren’t worth my time.) I thought I would update you on my progress.

I have recently read Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls (Let’s Make Cute Stuff) by Aranzi Aronzo. I love the two dimensional dolls patterned in the book. I have attempted making the spritekin. It was very easy- I just need to work on my finishing skills. They are also easy to hand sew- no machine really needed. I like that. After cutting out my fabric (jersey knits are recommended for these cute dolls) I can sit and hand sew them while watching What Not To Wear. It makes for a fun little craft. The patterns in the book need to be enlarged on a copier to make them the recommended height. But you can make them smaller and not enlarge the patterns. There are patterns for a white rabbit and a brown bunny, a sprite, a spritekin (smaller sprite), a panda, a bear, monkey and munkey- two versions of a monkey, a fish, a gray cat, a white sheep and a black sheep, a lizard, some penguins, an alien, Mr. Tad and Mr.Pole- a pair of tadpoles, Pinkie- a pink … thing … kind of bearish, catish… just a pink friend, a kidnapper, a liar, and a bad guy. I would love to make each and every doll in this book. As a side note- you can make these plushy creatures with old t-shirts. Recycling and crafting in one!

I recently read The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. I love it! I want to make every quilt in the book! As a new quilter, I really like the sections on color composition, binding, fabric selection, and putting a quilt together. I also love how the patterns on these quilts go right up to the edge of the quilt. It is beautifully written and makes me want to make quilts for the world! “Each of us can make only so many quilts in a lifetime. So take your time, enjoy every step of the process, and make it your own.”

A week or so ago, my newest book Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray came in. I have read it from cover to cover. I love it! I have big plans for my new-found love to hand embroider things! I’m making curtains. The fabric has been purchased. I’ll show them when I am done. I am very excited! This book has patterns for several fun little projects. I’m not sure how many of those I will actually do. My favorite section of the book is the section on how to embroider. It has simple instructions for how to do each stitch. It also helps you with image transferring techniques. I’m excited to “doodle-stitch” my curtains!

I have not only been reading craft books, although I know it appears that I have. I have finally finished reading Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. I have mixed feelings about this book. I did enjoy it. It did stretch me a little spiritually- for that I am grateful. However, I do have a major point of contention with the book. While, for the most part, I would say it is a lovely allegory and has many spiritual lessons to be learned, it did have a blaring fault, in my opinion. It is the story of poor Much-Afraid and her journey to the Kingdom of Love. The part I find fault with is the Shepherd is responsible for everything in the book. He is the one who gives Much-Afraid Sorrow and Suffering. It is His Will that brings her into loss and loneliness. I do not think our Shepherd is responsible for all our sorrow, suffering, loss, and loneliness. Our Shepherd brings us through those things for our better and to His glory- but I do not believe He puts us through those things for His glory as the story suggests. Suffering exists in this world because of sin, not to glorify God. God can be glorified through our struggles, trials, and pains- but He doesn’t deal that out to us. I do not believe God gives someone cancer so they will turn to Him. Through their sickness, they may turn to Him and it will be for His glory- but He did not make them sick. I think this allegory, like most allegories, went a little too far. We can only take an allegory so far. This is the fault I found with this one. Once I just accepted the limitations of the allegory, I was able to get many blessings and gems from this book. It is well worth reading- just don’t take the allegory too far!

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