Responsibility? What’s that?

I read an article yesterday that really got me fired up. I read about the 17 teen girls that are pregnant at one high school. The city and school officials seem to think the girls may have intended to get pregnant. Now who do they blame for this? They blame Hollywood. Officials in the town have said that Hollywood has glamorized teen pregnancy and not represented parenting correctly. They feel Hollywood has not shown these teens what parenting is really like. Last time I checked- Hollywood’s responsibility is to entertain-not teach. My life as a stay-at-home-mom would be less than entertaining. Especially all the diaper changes and baby feedings. The city and school officials go on to say they also blame monetary cut backs at the school that have cut health classes for these teens. What did I learn in health class that I didn’t learn at home? Nothing. They both told me not to drink, smoke, and sleep around. My health class also taught me the proper hygiene my mother had been teaching me since I was a toddler. The city and school officials proceed to blame the local hospital’s inability to give contraceptives without a parent’s consent. Yeah, that is the main problem you’re facing, guys! At least this last one hits on an important factor in all this- the parents. Where were the parent’s of these girls while they were getting pregnant? (One of the baby’s daddy is a local homeless man!) Why is it not the parent’s responsibility to teach their own children the responsibility of parenting and the health risks involved in sleeping around? It is speculated that these girls decided to become pregnant at the same time and raise their children together. Where were their mothers during all this? Let me guess. At work? Too busy with her life? Teens can take care of themselves, you know. Now, I’m not trying to come down hard on working parents- you do what you think is best for your family. But where are our priorities? What is more important to us- the welfare and development of our children or making sure our child has the nicest things? I guess for most it is providing the most stylish maternity wear and newest baby gear. My children are my responsibility. My children are for me to teach. So let’s quit blaming our society and taking a look in our own homes. Let us, as parents, take some responsibility for these children God has given us. I can’t help but think of Uncle Ben’s statement to Peter Parker. “With great power comes great responsibility.” We have the power to raise the entire next generation- yet we are shoving the responsibility onto everyone but ourselves.

One Reply to “Responsibility? What’s that?”

  1. “Responsibility not quite yet…”

    People everywhere are forfeiting responsibility and shifting blame to someone else, its exactly what our ancestors have done all the way back to good ole Adam. We rely on schools to teach children good morals, only to realize that the postmodern classroom worldview is a complete failure in this area. The schoolhouse was never a place to instill good morals, although it should enforce good morality on their students.

    Anyways, I enjoyed the post. I hope yall are doing well. Imogene and Aiden are getting so big. They grow up fast.

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