Goodbye To The Parsonage

I guess it is time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The Pastor and I are moving back east. We have very much enjoyed our time here at Salem. We knew it wasn’t forever when we came here but we had not anticipated what exactly God would do. Our lovely little family will be moving on August 4th. We are both happy to go and sad to leave. We have developed some great relationships here in Mississippi and are sad to leave the state behind. We love our church here and will miss it. I doubt I will ever taste caramel pie as good as I have had here. We appreciate all the Lord has done for us here and are very thankful for our time and experiences here. I have learned to trust God more fully while living in this state. We must go where we are called. When the pastor told the church we would be leaving, one member asked if this is what God was calling us to do. The Pastor said, “Yes. We believe this to be His will.” The member then said, “Well, then you have to go. You can’t stay here!” That is the kind of faithfulness we have seen in the Lord’s servants here. People who are willing to set aside their own personal wants and feelings and welcome the Will of God no matter what that means.

Imogene did break my heart yesterday. I was packing boxes for the move and she was watching each item I put in the box. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was packing for us to move. She started crying saying, “no” over and over. She even attempted to unpack the box for me. I sat down with her. I told her we were moving and it would be okay. She cried. She asked about her bed. I told her we would be taking her bed with us. She asked about her books. I told her we would be taking the books, too. She asked about her doll. I told her the doll was moving, too. Then she asked about her friend at church. I had to tell her that her friend from church would be staying here. She cried and cried, saying “My Lily!” over and over. I told her it was okay. I explained that we still had a few weeks and she would be able to tell her Lily good-bye before we moved. I told her she would make new friends. She cried a little more and I rocked her. I never thought a two year old would notice if we moved. I never thought she might miss her friends here. I know she’ll make new friends. She’ll probably forget all about Lily and won’t even remember her in a few years- even if she saw her. But it still broke my heart. I do hope she does well with the move.

So, in two and half weeks, Notes From The Parsonage will no longer be written from this parsonage. We are following God and stepping out on faith. Our hearts are at rest. Please pray for us as we move and dive into the ministry God has called us to. Pray for Salem that they find a new pastor. I know God has already set into motion this new pastor coming to them.

And I do not need help packing. Thank you very much if you thought of offering. I am a little psychotic about packing. I like to personally place each item in the box and label it. It is a task I will not even trust The Pastor to accomplish. I have a very specific system and I cannot unpack properly if I do not pack properly by myself! If you were (or have) offered- I prefer to pack alone. If you want to come on moving day and load or unload a truck- I’m all for that! Just not the box packing thing.

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  1. So it is official. Now people know so when asked “did you hear about the Godbold’s moving” I can say yes I have. As of late many people have asked and I wondered if they read my email. I not so gracefully ignored the questions. I do need a class in how to avoid the subject and not be rude. I am so sorry to hear Imogene is upset. Jillian was upset when we moved here and she was barely 16 months old. I think they become attached to the “regular” much more quickly than I thought. She quickly fit in here though. When we return home, she does remember certain things that I assumed she would have forgotten. I am excited for ya’ll and sad that there are not as many chances that we will run into each other at Old Navy now. The day you move is the day I have my ultrasound so I will message you about that. We will be praying for ya’ll.

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