How is that move going?

Well, it is going fine. Let me tell you, it is difficult to continue running your house while adding the unpacking bit to the mix. I am not completely unpacked yet. Oh well. My kids are happy, so I guess I’m getting the important stuff done.

I do not currently have internet access. Terrible, I know. It is especially bad for me since I am connected to all my family and friends almost solely by the internet. I know there are some out there dying for photos of the little cuties. I don’t have them. I planned on having them. But I forgot. I did remember to put shoes on the kids this morning, though. That is a plus, right?

So, we moved into our house with some  much needed help from some of the youth. Their help was very much appreciated along with the help of my in-laws. I still have boxes and boxes stacked at the house, but the important stuff is out and I know where every box is and what it contains, so I’d say I’ve got it under control. Imogene has become rabbit and deer obsessed. We have lots of both at our new house. (For those out of the know, we are renting a small 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.) Both of the kids stand at the window and stare at the deer and rabbits that come to eat apples off the apple trees. That’s right, we traded plum trees for apple trees. I suppose I should make some apple jelly. My plum jelly has been a big hit. I think I should make some more jelly and see if that was a fluke or if I am indeed, a good jelly maker. What do you call a jelly maker? Jammer? Jelly Chef? Hmmm…

The church here is currently meeting at 10:30 AM in Paulding County (in a home) and at 4:00 PM in Buckhead (in a home). We do need a place to meet in Paulding County, so be in prayer for that. We have already added one new family in Paulding County. We are looking for more. We want to impact lives here. We want to go and make more and better disciples. Pray for us. Pray that we can meet the needs of our community. Pray that we find a suitable (and affordable) meeting place to better meet our community. Our main focus, at this time, is the Paulding County branch of Faith Methodist. We have been having good meetings with the Buckhead group, as well. It has been very busy. My heart is still burdened. There is still one thing that needs to fall in place for us (th church) here. I cannot disclose to you now what that is, but please be in fervent prayer with me on it. I thank you in advance.

All in all, things are going well. I meet discouragements daily, but God is still good. Thank you guys for praying. Hopefully I can update again soon. Hopefully I can open my online store soon.

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