Life Sure Moves Quickly When You’re Tired

I know I have not updated very much since moving back East. Sorry about that. Life is crazy and hectic. I am doing all I can to maintain my real life relationships. Sorry to say my virtual relationships have suffered. A girl has to have priorities, right?

As a mother, I am tired. My children are doing well and fabulous, though. You can check out their blog for cute photos and such! Imogene is getting so big. She and I have the funniest conversations. She is trying to better understand her world and I am doing my best to help her understand.

We did have a funny incident recently with a snake skin. We saw a very large snake skin outside our little house. I pointed it out because I knew the Pastor would be scared. (He is so scared of snakes.) As a joke, later that night when he was going to take out the trash, I said, “Watch out for the big snake!” Of course, it did freak him out a bit. But Imogene really got concerned about the “sswake.” She said, “Oh no! A swake get a Daddy!” I told her the snake was not going to get her Daddy. She replied, “Oh no! A swake get I-gene!” (She refers to herself as I-gene. Please continue to call her Imogene. She will eventually learn to say her name as long as people don’t reinforce her cute mispronouncing.) I told her the snake would not get her, I was simply joking with her Daddy about the snake to try to scare him! She then got it in her head that the snake was going to come eat her. She jumped up on the couch and started screaming, “Oh no! A swake eat I-gene! Oh no!” The only thing I could think to do was to go ask the snake if it wanted to eat Imogene. She would not listen when I told her snakes don’t eat people- well, at least I doubted this snake would eat her. So, out we went to look at the snake skin and look for the snake. This part, she did not find scary at all. When we could not find the snake (thank heavens!) I told her he must be in the woods with his family doing snaky things. She asked “What swaky sings?” I told her, “Well, like… slithering around and looking for nice bugs, lizards, mice, birds, and other small animals to eat.” That was fine with her. She had no compassion for the things the snake would eat- just so long as she was not on the menu.

Aidan is getting big. He just celebrated his first birthday. (And by “just,” I mean “over a month ago.”) His first birthday really snuck up on me. I kept crying trying tp pick his first birthday card from me and the Pastor, so the Pastor had to pick one out. He is just so big! He is getting around really well, although not yet walking (please don’t rush him!). He is also starting to talk. He can say mama, dada, bye-bye, hi, and no. He is working on others. I can get him to mimic me at times, but he doesn’t really know what he is saying. He is very much a Momma’s boy and it drives his Daddy nuts! Although, he will only let the Pastor put him to bed these days! If only I meant his bed when I said to bed. Oh well. He’ll move out of my bed before college at least. He is still a happy little breastfed baby. We’ll probably be working away from that in the coming weeks.

I’m not sure how things are going with the church. It is really hard to gauge how you’re doing on a church restart. Numbers don’t mean much of anything at this stage. Money is only what we use to keep the ministry going. I think we are making a difference. I think things are going alright. They could be going better. Of course, if you ask me, things could always be better. I am always trying to improve and revamp and move forward. Keep praying for us. We need it. We really need an extra couple days in the week. Anyone up for a ten day week? I guess this is church related, and I really feel like I can share this with the world. I am having to overcome big, personal hurdles in this church restarting/planting business. I am naturally not inclined to make friends. I am naturally very social while holding people at a safe distance. I am slightly agoraphobic and do have panic attacks from time to time about meeting new people or being in settings that I cannot control. A lot of church planting is about building relationships with many people. I am finding this increasing difficult for me to do. My aversions make me a wonderful asset in existing churches when determining what is or is not visitor friendly. But in this new world of going out to meet new people, I am poorly equipped. I am trying, but I am finding it increasingly difficult. I don’t just make friends. I’ve never been that kind of girl. I know, you’re thinking “Wow. I’ve never met an agoraphobic pastor’s wife.” I know. Pray for me on this.

The situation I asked you guys (and beautiful gals) to pray with me about last time is still not resolved, but it is looking promising. We have had to come to the realization that we are not right for everyone and not everyone will want to come with us on this next leg of the journey. While it is easy to say that for those theoretical people out there we have yet to meet, it is difficult to say it about those that have always been a close part of our fellowship. I have a vision. We (the Pastor and I) have always had a vision for Faith Methodist Church. I would like for people to be all on board with the vision- but not everyone will be. That doesn’t make them wrong. That doesn’t make me right for everyone.

I have made some things lately, I just haven’t taken pictures of them. I made an awesome bulletin board for the Pastor’s 5th grade class. I have made hooter hider sets (hootys, butties, burpies, and diaper clutches) for Jesse & Steven and Janna & Brian. I made Imogene a bag for her Gigi doll. (The name on the box said the doll’s name was Genevieve. Of course Imogene could not say that, so we call her Gigi.) I also made myself a pink dress. I like it. It is cute. I’ll get the Pastor to take a picture of me wearing it and post it some other time.

This is the closest thing to a family picture in the recent days. Well, I think Marshall took one of all of us, but I don’t have it yet. So, here’s my adorable little family.

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