What Have You Been Up To Lately?


I’ve taken up alligator wrestling. If I can raise two toddlers, I can certainly wrestle an alligator, right? Okay, so I am joking. Although, did you know that there are only two kinds of alligators according to Zoo Books? They say there is an American Alligator and an Asian Alligator.

So, what have I really been up to? Well, I’ve been sleeping as much as I can with two toddlers. I have been sick most of the time, although I’m surviving. In 2 to 4 weeks, this stage will pass and I will be able to eat normally again! Yipee! (Those of you not in the “know”: A urine test, 2 blood tests, and 3 ultrasounds confirm that we are expecting our third baby- to be arriving sometime at the end of July 2009- I hope the end of July and not sooner.)

The kids are growing very fast! They are both learning more and more each day. It really is surprising the things they learn. It is hard to believe that they are both so big already. Imogene is pretty funny. Today she thinks there is a little monkey after her to steal her nose. (I did, sort of, perpetuate this belief at first. It was funny. Now she needs her Daddy to be on his guard to cut the monkey’s tail off it he comes around.)

We had a good Christmas. Imogene learned a few Christmas songs- well, parts of them. Aidan was actually interested in what was going on this year. They had fun, which made it fun for us.

I must admit, I did not get my Christmas gifts finished. I was sewing some things and they didn’t get done in time. My sewing machine and I have been fighting. It is on the verge of getting replaced. So, it really should start minding its P’s and Q’s.

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