An Update

I’m so lame. It has been forever since I posted and all I can come up with for a title is “An Update.” Lame, really lame!

I did replace my sewing machine. He just wouldn’t behave, so it was time for us to part ways. He is still in my house, just not being used. If anyone needs a basic sewing machine and you don’t feel the need to use it on a daily basis, he’s up for grabs. The pastor wants me to keep it for Imogene, but seriously, it will be a long while before that child needs a sewing machine! I bought a Babylock and I love it! It is the smoothest, quietest sewing machine ever! It could probably sew an entire outfit all by itself without any help from me! It is fabulous!

The church is going. We found a better place to meet at the beginning of the year, but it is also temporary. We are meeting at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Park. They have a nice meeting hall facility there that we rent. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to rent it every single Sunday, because some are already booked. So, we really do need something a little more stable. We have had several visitors since we’ve moved out there. It is much more appealing to outsiders than meeting in someone’s living room. We still need your prayers. We are so busy all the time! I still think a 10 day week is in order!

The kids are getting bigger and bigger. Aidan has finally decided to swallow his pride and try to walk. He falls a lot. He staggers around like a drunk man and tries to do so at top speed. He might have more luck if he didn’t insist on running, but that just isn’t his style. He also talks a lot more, although his enunciation is terrible. But you can usually figure out what he was intending to say.

Imogene’s vocabulary is always growing and changing. She can hold a conversation pretty well, now. Although she does like to talk about strange things. She is very excited about the new baby and is very insistent that she is having a sister! We are finding out the sex this time around, so we’ll hopefully know in a little over a week if she is right.

I am having to see a perinatologist for this pregnancy. I have my first visit and ultrasound with them in a little over a week. Nothing is too terribly wrong, they just want to monitor me closely since I am an anomaly. You always knew I was different, huh? So, they’ve labeled me high risk. The good part of it all is the super duper ultrasounds that come with being high risk. It is always fun to get to see the baby before the big day!

As The Pastor and I plan camp, I realize I am getting older and loosing my cool. I know. When you become a mom, your cool factor plummets. Now, I have trouble figuring out is something is indeed as cool as I think it is or if I am just weird. Usually, I find that I am just weird. Age has not changed my uniqueness in the least. I still find that I am one of a kind. But I do have to run things by the youth to ask if they are cool or not. I am just getting old. (Mom, that makes you REALLY old!)

I need to go. Adam and the kids are waiting on me at the bakery around the corner for cookies! Yeah! Cookies! Joey and I are excited about that! (Joey is the baby’s nickname until birth!) That remind me, to let you all know, since we are being so kind as to tell you if we are having a boy or girl, we are not discussing names with you. We know we have weird taste and we will just surprise you with the fantastic chosen name when you can see our cute little bundle of joy! If you ask, we’ll probably tell you we don’t know yet, just so we’re not rude. But know, we are not discussing this for a reason! (To be honest, it was the only way I could convince the pastor to find out the sex. I had to promise him we could keep the name top secret until the baby is out.) Sorry to bum you out. If you’d like, you can just assume is will be Josephine if its a girl and Joseph if its a boy!

p2160180I made the pajama pants these cute kids are wrestling in! They are wrestling around in a pile of fabric that was waiting to be washed! I got such a good deal on it at Joann’s!

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