And The Results Are In

I’m going to go ahead and warn you, this may be to much information for you!

I had an appointment yesterday with my regular OBGYN as well as with my perinatologist. Everything is going perfectly so far with this pregnancy. The baby is doing well and I am doing well.
I’m sure you’ve heard by now that baby number 3 is a boy! We are super excited. (We’d be excited either way!) He was very willing to show us his man parts, although hid his face the entire time! So, while we are certain he is a boy, we are not sure how many eyes he has. We’ll have another ultrasound in 5 weeks to see how he is doing! We were informed that there is little reason to think that I will not be able to make it to at least 37 weeks (maybe even a little longer). I may go into labor before then, but since they have successfully stopped that before, they are confident that they could do it again. So, we will hopefully make it to at least the last week of July!
In other, medical, news, I am even more of an anomaly than they previously thought. If you don”t care for medical details, you should probably stop reading here. After I had Aidan, I was informed that I had a unicornuate uterus. They told me at that time that I did have a remnant horn on the right. This explained why my babies are born early. It is also the reason I am having to see a perinatologist with this baby. They just weren’t quite sure what to expect because my anomaly is so rare. Well, at my ultrasound yesterday, we were given a bit more news related to my anomaly. It turns out, the right remnant horn is not a remnant horn at all, but rather an entire functioning uterus with a cervix and all. It does connect. So, I actually have two uteri. We are not sure if the right one “works” for child bearing purposes, since I have only gotten pregnant in the left one so far. It is rather interesting, though! Hopefully I will not end up in any medical textbooks!

One Reply to “And The Results Are In”

  1. Well, I always knew there was something different about you. Haha! JK. Congrats on the baby boy! May God bless him and keep him. I will be praying for all of you and that that handsome little man is healthy when he arrives. I love you dearly!

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