The Beautiful Imogene


The Handsome Aidanp4160114

Aidan and I getting warmed up. I made the moo-moo I am wearing. It was not intended to be a moo-moo/maternity swim suit cover-up. It was intended to be a dress. I did not mess it up, it just didn’t turn out as I would have hoped. I’m glad I got some use out of it! If I had used a stretchy material and made it a few sizes smaller, it might have been the cute dress I thought it would be. However, I used cotton and made the size I wear, so it is a moo-moo.

p4160091The Pastor with the beautiful children

I am very glad we had the opportunity to go an a family vacation. We usually use our “off” time visiting family and friends that we live away from. Not that I don’t enjoy catching up with people, but it tends to rob us of ever getting real vacations. We have not been on an actual vacation in quite some time. We did spend the first half of our “off” week visiting family and friends. We did get the second half of the week to take a little family vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia. It has been nice. A mom’s work is never done, so even on vacation, I still have to do my usual “mom” work. However, The Pastor is around to help with some of my duties. So, while it has not been an “off” week for me, I have enjoyed this little vacation with my family.

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