My Babies

As I get closer and closer to meeting Emery, I keep thinking about the other two during their newborn stage. Of course, I keep having dreams of meeting our new son. Imogene keeps asking me about babies, so I have had fun telling her all about her own newborn days. It really is an exciting time. I realize I’ve done this twice before, but it doesn’t make this time any less exciting. This is the first second son I’ve ever had. This is the first Emery Silas I will meet. I am excited. I wonder what his little personality will be like. I wonder what he will look like. I wonder what the circumstances will be surrounding his birth. (As another first for me, this will be my first VBAC attempt. One I am praying will be successful!) I’m not sure when our little man will be here, but I am eagerly anticipating holding him.

IMG005Baby Imogene sleeping in her bassinet. She never would keep her hands down wile she slept. And she never would take those pacis you see above her head. Well, not until she was over a year old and weaned from the breast. Then, she decided she LOVED pacis.

Imogene Ruth 1A hospital photo of Imogene. We only have cell phone pictures of Imogene in the hospital. In preparing for having a baby the first time, we didn’t consider our camera options very well. Sad, really. Because she was such a happy little baby and so adorable in all he little girl things and we have little to no proof of this.

P9120025Baby Aidan. We couldn’t hold him yet, he was still having trouble breathing. (That is why he is lying on his tummy.) He was always a firey little baby. He was very quick to get very mad, but he also calmed down just as quickly.

P9150092I love the little baby yawns! This was taken the first time I ever got to hold Aidan. He was 5 days old. This was also the first time I got to see him without all the wires and things. He had just had a bath and they had just taken him off CPAP and taken his NG tube out. They had to put both back on/in later that day. He was such a sweet, squishy little thing.

P1010002P4180050They aren’t so little and squishy anymore. They are still very much the same as they were when they were babies. Imogene is still a smiley, happy girl- my eternal optimist. Aidan is still very firey- quick to get angry and quick to forgive. But they are so much bigger. I enjoyed them as babies, but it has been fantastic to see them grow into these little people. (Imogene would say she is not little. She is a big girl.) I’m sure they will continue to amaze me as they grow. And I look forward to many more first with Emery and the exciting experience of watching him grow.

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