To Know or Not To Know

Well, I have now done it both ways when it comes to finding out the gender of a baby before birth. With Emery, we decided to find out. To be honest, we decided to find out only because we felt it was inevitable and we would rather choose to find out and find out rather than choose to wait and find out anyway. With having to go to the perinatologist so often, I knew I’d eventually get a peek. So, which way do I prefer? To not find out. I know, it was easier to prepare when you know the gender. But truth be told, I still got mostly unisex stuff and Emery still ended up with a few pink diapers. It was nice to be able to call him by his name while pregnant. But I missed using his Fetal nickname. Not finding out is just so much more fun. The pastor and I had a lot of fun with the first two guessing the gender. It was fun to see which old wives tales would prove true and who could guess correctly. Finding out so early in the pregnancy took all that fun out of it. We knew he was a he. Yes, we guessed before the big ultrasound, but they were just early guesses. It is much more fun to feel the kicks and learn the baby’s personality and then guessing. And when Emery was born, there wasn’t that added excitement of discovering his gender. We simply checked to make sure he did indeed have boy parts. So, just know, if we are ever blessed with any more children, we most likely will wait until he or she is born to find out the gender.

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