He Killed It!

As some of you know, our beloved Mac crashed a few weeks ago. (It has been with us since 2005.) Well, by the grace of God, the Computer Chick saved all our files from our completely dead hard drive. She replaced the hard drive and we were back in business. That is, until yesterday. Yesterday, that cute loveable two year old decided to perform a little science experiment.
I had the laptop on and open. I had been interacting with some of the ICAN ladies while enjoying a cup of hot tea. (My tea was getting to the lukewarm area. Why can’t I ever finish the cup while it is still at the hot but not scalding stage?) Emery started crying. I knew he wanted to eat. (What else does a 2 month old milk monster do?) So, I picked him up and ran upstairs with him to quickly change his diaper. The tots were enjoying watching a show, so I figured they’d be fine. (And getting them from one place to another is like herding cats.) They were fine in the sense that they didn’t harm themselves or one another. However, Aidan, being the “terrible toddler” that he is decided to work on the laptop for a minute while I was away. In the two minutes that it took to change Emery’s diaper and bib, Aidan spent the time spooning lukewarm tea onto the laptop. Yes, he did. Now, he didn’t manage to get much liquid onto the computer, but apparently he got enough on it. The computer went black and has not turned back on since. (I’ve tried, but it refuses. Perhaps it is just scared of Aidan.) Surpringly enough, the pastor did not seem too upset at his son’s distructive nature. I wasn’t too mad at him, because really, what intelligent person leaves a $1200 machine unattended with a toddler nearby. If it were a movie, I would have seen it coming. However, it is my life, so I completely overlooked it.
I keep praying the thing will magically work. I mean, I’ve been wanting a Mac desktop computer, but I can’t afford one right now! I really just need this one to work. Perhaps I’ll try laying hands on it. It worked for the washing machine.

**Edited To Add: It is still dead. All dead. (The only thing left to do is empty his pockets and look for loose change.) I took advice well and let the thing sit at an angle and dry out. I skipped the rice, only because we didn’t have enough to cover the laptop and the world around me flooded and I was unable to go to the store for more rice. After sitting and drying all weekend while everything else was flooding, it still didn’t work. A side note, the pastor’s wife and family are fine despite the floods. Our house did not flood, we are on a hill. Our backyard did become a rushing river (it was several feet deep) and about 20 feet of our privacy fence have way to the rushing rapids. We had quite a bit of debris come down, too, but the river carried it off. (Sorry to whoever’s yard it ended up in.) We did spring a couple roof leaks. One should be an easy repair, but the other is probably going to require extensive repair. We’ll see. On Tuesday after much of the flood waters parted, we took our beloved Mac to the Computer Chick. Since we had just replaced the hard drive, they bumped our baby to the top of the list. We got the call today that he is indeed dead. They are going to buy back our barely used hard drive and refurbish it. But the “mother board” is completely shot. I’m assuming that is some part in there and it was not a little queen ruling the insides of my computer. That would be cool, but I would feel much worse about her passing. We are looking into our options. We cannot currently afford to replace our wonderful Mac, but do not want to attempt to find a cheap PC to fill such big shoes. We may be able to go this new Net Book route until we get the money saved for a new Mac. That may be the sensible thing to do for now. I did lay hands on the Mac and pray for his recovery, however he was already in glory at that time. I’m okay with it. He is in a better place.

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