Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

Emery is our first little one to have a fluffy bum from birth. I chose to go with mostly fitteds and covers for the newborn stage.  I also ordered some all-in-ones for this stage. I love the fitted option for a newborn! Those explosive newborn poos never leaked with our fitteds and covers. If the poo somehow managed to make it out of the fitted, which was rare, it was still trapped in the cover. So, no up-the-back-and-into-the-hair poo messes with Emery. And his little bum was oh-so-adorable! Here are the reviews of the newborn diapers and covers we used for Mr. Emery.

** Reviews have moved to make them more reader friendly! Click the links or go to the “Off the Bum” section! Sorry if this inconveniences you in any way. **

volcom diaper gbw

graham bear wear diapersGraham Bear Wear Newborn Fitted Diapers

nannipoo diaperNanipoo Newborn Fitted Diaper

cocostar diaper coverI purchased three custom made newborn covers from CoCo Star Creations. The covers themselves are adorable. Shipping from Canada takes time and costs quit a bit more. These covers worked fine for daytime wear. They work especially well when worn without clothes over top. And they are so cute, you’d want to do that. They do leak if you leave them on for more than 3 hours, so night time wearing is out. They also leak if you’ve got tight clothing on top of them. They fit Emery from birth to about 13 lbs. I had one with a woven cotton, and it only fit to 12 lbs. She had lots of great fabrics to choose from. She offers both side snapping and front snapping. The newborn size she also adds a snap down front for the umbilical stump.

ProrapColorsBecause of the leaking issue with our custom made covers, I ordered some Prowraps. I ordered both the colors and the classic Prowraps. I prefer the colors. The inner material is thicker on the colors and the exterior is softer. Although, the colors do snag with the Velcro. The classics don’t snag themselves. I really do like the Prowraps. No leaks with these at all. I love the ability to wipe out the cover and use it again. I am usually not a Velcro fan, but these didn’t bother me. They don’t have laundry tabs, instead you fasten them like there is an invisible baby in there and wash them. They never let go! I also can say that I’ve got no complaint with the Velcro rubbing on Emery’s tummy. These fit Emery from birth to 13 lbs. I think they would have fit for a little longer, but we had no diapers that fit under them beyond 13 lbs.

wild child AIO

Wild Child for Babies newborn all-in-one cloth diaper .

I am always willing to try new cloth diapers and cloth diaper products. If you have something you’d like to send me to try just contact me! I’d be happy to share your product with my world.

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