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“Vintage” Smock

Ah, the power of quotation marks! There is really nothing vintage about this smock. Unless fabric that has been sitting in my stash for a year counts as being vintage. I guess the only vintage thing about it is that the pattern is modeled after a vintage pattern. So, it is like, 5% vintage.

I found this adorable smock pattern a very long time ago. I printed out the 5 page free pdf intending to make it then, but just now got around to it. You can make one too, just visit Mayfly for the info! I made mine a little bigger than the actual pattern and you can see it fits Miss Imogene perfectly!

smock side aHere the diva models side A! I made my smock reversible. The diva here hates to be dirty or out of sorts, but doesn’t resist getting dirty. With a reversible smock, she can get one side dirty, then with a flip over she can look fresh and ready for more photos!

smock side bAnd here she poses to let you see side B. This smock adds pizazz to a plain tee and jeans. It was incredibly quick & easy to make. In fact, I’ve got 3 more cut out and waiting for me to sew ’em up! (I’m sure The Pastor will be stoked to see my using some of my beloved fabric stash!)


The pastor's wife is the homeschooling, crafty, reading, singing mama bear of seven awesome kids!

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