Corn Puns Abound!


The Pastor planned a fall outing for the gaggle of youths that he’s been ministering to. I decided to tag along with my kids, since I thought they would enjoy it. About half the youth (actually a litle less than half) we able (or desired) to make it. We went and wandered about corn “maize” for a while, then refreshed at the “corncession” stand. We headed back home for a bonfire and cook out at David & Christie Chandler’s home.  There were 14 of us at the farm. And, I think, 19 at the cookout/bonfire.

P1010068P1010072P1010066The youths and I, we spotted quit an interesting site. A site that really begged to bed shared with the world. Just take a gander at the gentleman with the platinum skullet ponytail. Yeah, I just made your day, didn’t I?


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