The Adventure Begins

It really was a bad start to an adventure. I compiled my tips, but I failed to completely organize before beginning. So, I am playing catch up at the moment. We implemented the wash by room sorting method. It seems to be going well. I now have my laundry sorted by the following: The Pastor’s stuff, my stuff, Emery’s stuff, towels and household stuff, and Imogene and Aidan’s stuff. To be honest (and why shouldn’t I?), I only combined Imogene and Aidan’s stuff because I didn’t have another hamper and I didn’t feel like pitching a 15 minute sales pitch on just why I had to buy yet another hamper. I figured I would try it this way first (always go easy first) and then if it doesn’t work out, I’ll deal with the sales pitch then.

Laundry Chaos Rating: A made up scale from 0 to 10 to describe how my laundry system is at the moment of my posts. 0 would be perfectly controlled like in Martha Stewart’s house. 10 is absolute chaos where one cannot think of the acts of living because of the clothes everywhere (think teenage boy’s room). We started this process at an 8 on this scale. Today, we are about a 5.

Load Breakdown: A monthly running total of how many actual loads of laundry have been washed, how many cycles I’ve run my washing machine, and how many cycles I’ve run my dryer.

Loads: 12

Wash cycles: 15

Dryer cycles: 19 (why is my dryer so inadequate?)

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