SmartiPants Review

Smartipants Label I bought 4 of these diapers because I just HAD to try them out. They are cheaper than most cloth diapers ($39.95 for 3). They boast that you can leave the insert in once it is dirty! I wasn’t quite sure how that claim would work out, I mean, if you have ever forgotten to unstuff a pocket diaper, you know how well that turns out. But for the price, I figured I would give them a shot!

interior of SmartipantsSo, here are all the diaper details! Smartipants are made in the USA, with decent quality materials and workmanship, in my opinion. Smartipants claims to fit from newborn to toddler years; 7 pounds to 35 pounds. Well, my newborns are smaller than 7 lbs, so that wouldn’t exactly be true for my children. Realistically, they would fit a 7 lb. infant, provided that infant was not very long and skinny. They do fit my 35 lb. 3 year old, though they wouldn’t fit her too much longer. (Luckily, they won’t need to.) I doubt you’d get them on a toddler much over 35 lbs, unless that toddler was tall and skinny. The interior of smartipants is suedecloth, with a PUL exterior. Unlike many pocket diapers, you don’t actually see the inside of the PUL because of the “smart sleeve” design. Unlike most pocket diapers with an opening between the PUL and the interior layer, Smartipants has the PUL layer completely covered and has another rectangle of suedecloth sewn on top, creating a “sleeve” for inserts.

smartipants toddler bumsmartipants toddler frontSmartipants on my 2 year old, Aidan. Aidan is about 25 lbs.

smartipants infant bumsmartipants infant frontSmartipants on my 3 month old, Emery. Emery is somewhere around 15 lbs.

single smartipantsAt first, I had leaking issues with my Smartipants. I contacted the company and they quickly responded to my inquiry. I have to use two inserts in my Smartipants. No leaking now with doubled inserts.

I am pretty happy with Smartipants. Once you double (or triple for nighttime) up the inserts, they work well. And the inserts do indeed come out of the sleeve on their own in the wash. (This is a super big plus when you take these diapers out on the town and return home with a wetbag full of dirty diapers. No need to touch cold, wet insert- just put them fully stuffed and dirty into the diaper pail! Nice, right?) Smartipants work with Smartipants inserts, Nicki’s diapers inserts, bumGenius inserts, Fuzzi Bunz inserts, and any other rectangular insert you happen to have. I have not tried it, but I’m sure you could get a prefold in there as well.

Who would I recommend these diapers to? Well, I think any bumGenius lover that wants to move to snaps would like these diapers. I think anyone wanting a cheap, but functional one size pocket diaper would be happy with these diapers. I think anyone that likes the fit of a Haute Pocket would like these. If you like the idea of a pocket, but can’t stand the thought of touching and pulling out dirty inserts (or have a sitter or husband who refuses to pull our dirty inserts), you’ll like these diapers! Just make sure you buy extra inserts, since most likely a single stuffing won’t be sufficient.


4 Replies to “SmartiPants Review”

  1. I would LOVE it if you could review a Rump-a-rooz G2 OS diaper! I have been hesitating between ordering some Rocky Mountain Diapers and Rump-a-rooz, and would be SOOO curious to see how they stack up against the other OS pocket diapers you’ve tried.


    1. Well, I’ve never used a RAR, but perhaps I should procure one for review purposes. Hmmm.
      But I can tell you, Rocky Mountain one size pocket diapers are my least favorite diaper. Well, I think the WAHM all in ones I bought for my newborn were worse. But the Rocky Mountain diapers are such a waist, in my opinion. They look so sweet and lush on the website, but in person they look cheap and they run small. (They are small in the rise, and wide in the seat.) So, anything has got to be better than those!
      I just might try to get my hands (and the kid’s bums) on a Rump-a-roo and see how it stacks up against all the other one size diapers I’ve tried!

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