Great Laundry Adventure Day 20

As absolutely sad as this is, I just had to Google today’s date. That is just what kind of month this has been. Needless to say, my adventure has become a disaster! I think I am now worse off than when I started. We have traveled out of state twice in the last 2 weeks and are leaving again in a few days! What an enormously crazy month!

The sort by room is working well. I can easily look and see who needs clothes the most and prioritize my washing accordingly! Likewise, I can not waste my time washing towels very easily (since we’ve been away from home so much and don’t need towels)! Socks are still in a nit of disorder. I haven’t done anything to separate them out, other than sorting by room. So, the older two have a pile of unmatched socks. Emery has a pile of unmatched socks (most of which he has out grown). And The Pastor and I have a pile of unmatched socks. At least they are sorted by person/size and I don’t have a giant family pile of socks.

Laundry Chaos Rating Today: 8

Load Breakdown: 29 loads *all loads not washed at my house this month, but spread over our travels, too.

39 washer cycles

50 dryer cycles

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