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Great Laundry Adventure Day 20

As absolutely sad as this is, I just had to Google today’s date. That is just what kind of month this has been. Needless to say, my adventure has become a disaster! I think I am now worse off than when I started. We have traveled out of state twice in the last 2 weeks and are leaving again in a few days! What an enormously crazy month!

The sort by room is working well. I can easily look and see who needs clothes the most and prioritize my washing accordingly! Likewise, I can not waste my time washing towels very easily (since we’ve been away from home so much and don’t need towels)! Socks are still in a nit of disorder. I haven’t done anything to separate them out, other than sorting by room. So, the older two have a pile of unmatched socks. Emery has a pile of unmatched socks (most of which he has out grown). And The Pastor and I have a pile of unmatched socks. At least they are sorted by person/size and I don’t have a giant family pile of socks.

Laundry Chaos Rating Today: 8

Load Breakdown: 29 loads *all loads not washed at my house this month, but spread over our travels, too.

39 washer cycles

50 dryer cycles


The pastor's wife is the homeschooling, crafty, reading, singing mama bear of seven awesome kids!

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