Swaddlebee’s Econappi Review

The diaper on the right is my one Swaddlebee Econappi One Size Pocket diaper. Shown with a Blueberry Deluxe, because they are ultimately the same diaper. The difference is in the fabric choices on the interior and the insert. The Econappi has an organic velour lining and insert. (The insert is a two fabric insert with hemp, too.)

The interior fabric stains easily. That isn’t a big issue with me, since they are diapers. The inner fabric is nice a soft for the first couple hundred washes. They do feel wetter with this diaper, as the velour does not wick away moisture quite like some of the fleeces and microfibers do. It wasn’t enough of an issue to bother any of my children. Over time, the interior fabric gets rougher feeling. It doesn’t bother the children, but is not as nice and lush feeling as it once was. **Update: the newer version of the Swaddlebees Econappi has much softer velour. The velour stays soft and buttery feeling against their skin. This is a big improvement! The velour still doesn’t wick moisture away, but it is a natural material. Some kids do better with natural fibers on their bum instead of synthetic stuff. It is a trade off. Do you want baby’s skin to stay dryer or do you want natural fibers on her bum? Only you know which you prefer.

I tried the Econappi as an all in two, like the company claims you can, and it didn’t work out. The liner is not wide enough to make sure there is no spill over and the interior fabric ends up soaked. I gave it several attempts on different kids and always got the same result.

The Econappi runs a bit larger than other one size diapers. Realistically, these diapers start fitting around 10 lbs on a very round baby. (If you have a long, lean child- it may be more like 12 lbs.) They do fit up to 40 lbs, I’d guess. Imogene is 38 lbs. and this diaper still easily fits her, though it is becoming a bit low rise on her. Also, with multiple kids in this diaper, the way the diaper goes together and snaps down can be a bit of a problem. I like to put all my diapers together out of the dryer. But the Econappi insert must be snapped together for the size you’re setting the diaper. So, I have to decide out of the dryer who will wear it and set it aside for that child, which is kind of a pain to me “any kid can wear any diaper” system.

I’m not sure how well you can see it in the photo, but the back seam of my Econappi is coming loose. Yes, I can fix it, but I don’t like having to. I want my most expensive diaper to hold together better than my cheaper ones. The casing around the back elastic is coming unsewn. It is still wearable, but it is a pretty obnoxious problem. ** I did fix this. It was a very simple fix.

** After about 500 washes, the insert on my old Econappi fell apart. I bought a replacement insert and am still using the old cover. Still going strong and getting close to 1,000 washes now.

I do not like this diaper as an overnight diaper (unless it is on the smallest setting) because it just doesn’t hold enough at night. I also don’t like this diaper for trips to the park. Sounds odd, I know, but hear me out. When the older ones are running and climbing, the insert gets all pushed around inside the diaper. It leaks. Everytime I take a kid to the park in the diaper, it leaks. It is fine if they aren’t running and climbing. It does fine on trips when they are sitting still in their car seats. ** With the newer version, I didn’t have leak problems as much. I still don’t like them as night diapers, but don’t have daytime issues with the new ones.

Do I like this diaper? Eh, it’s alright. Would I recommend this diaper? If money is no issue and it doesn’t bother you to have issues with an expensive item, sure, go on and buy it. If you find some amazing half price deal and you can live with the small annoyances, then sure, go on and buy. Will I buy more? No, it isn’t worth it to me. There are diapers half the price that work so much better.

** I bought 3 more Econappis in the new version. I found them on Babysteals.com one day and thought, “Why not?” I have been much happier with the newer version. No leaks. No falling apart. (I’ve had the new ones for about 300 washes.) It seems they have fixed the minor problems they had before. It still isn’t an all-in-two, but it is a much better diaper for the money. They are still pricey diapers, but now, in my mind, they are worth it. They use top quality, all natural fabrics (other than the outer). I haven’t found another diaper like it. If you are looking for natural fibers against your baby’s skin and want a pocket diaper, this is definitely the way to go. 

Looking for a similar style diaper at a more affordable price? Try Tweedle Bugs. Looking for a cotton velour interior? Look up GrahamBearWear fitted diapers on Etsy. Looking for velour of any kind? Check out WAHMies.

**You may also want to check out Swaddlebees new sized AIO diaper -the Swaddlebees Simplex. It is the same company, same fabrics. The diapers are sized, but are much cheaper than the Econappi.

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