Blueberry Deluxe Diaper Review

I have several Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket diapers. I like them. I don’t love them. You can see my Swaddlebees Econappi Review, since the Econappi and the Blueberry Deluxe are essentially the same diaper. The difference is in the interior and insert materials. The Blueberry Deluxe has a fleece interior and a microfiber/hemp insert. Over time, the interior fabric does pill quite a bit, but it is still very soft.

I have both aplix and snap Blueberry Deluxe diapers. (Thanks to Melissa!) I prefer the snaps. Big surprise, right? The aplix on the Blueberry is very, very strong. It hold up quite well, but I still have my usual aplix issues. On a brand new Blueberry, the aplix is so strong, it takes quite a bit of effort to get it unattached.

I have tried this diaper as an all in two, as the maker of Blueberry and Swaddlebees says you can. It didn’t work out for me. The interior fabric always got wet. I wouldn’t recommend buying these if you are wanting an all in two.

These diapers are on the larger end of one size diapers. Realistically, they fit from about 10 lbs. (if you’ve got a longer, leaner built child- you’re probably not going to get a good fit until 12 lbs.) and max out around 40lbs. Imogene wears them on the largest settings and she is 38 lbs. They have the smallest range of any of our one size diapers.

I have leak issues with these all the time. They are not good night diapers except on the smallest size. The insert gets all bunched up and moved around when the older ones are running around. You cannot put this on a kid and then go play on the playground. The running and climbing always leads to leaks. They work fine when they kids are still, like in their car seat, or just not overly playful. The insert seems just a little too narrow for the diaper.

These diapers are also kind of a pain when you’ve got multiple kids wearing one diaper stash (which is why I use one size diapers to begin with). The inserts snap together, so you have to determine what size you’re using when you put the diaper together. I assemble all my diapers out of the wash. So, with the Blueberry and Econappi, I must decide ahead of time which child will wear the diaper and then set the diaper accordingly. I also have to set those diapers aside for whichever size they are set to. That kind of annoys me. With other diapers, I can stuff them all and leave them all unsnapped, snapping them as I need them snapped. With these, I can’t exactly do that.

The velcro version of this diaper rubs poor Emery’s tummy. He is a rather round boy and the diaper top rolls in a bit on him. The rough Velcro tabs then rub his little tummy. I can readjust the tabs and unroll the top when I notice, but it rolls back as he moves and rubs again.

(Shown above with Econappi.) So, do I recommend the Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket diaper? Well, it really isn’t worth the money. If you’ve got money you just want to spend to have that little Blueberry tag on your child’s bum, then go ahead and buy some if you want. Just make sure you buy something else to use at night. Do they work? Yeah, they work for the most part. But you can pay half the price for a diaper that will work twice as well and fit much longer! I know I won’t buy anymore of these. In fact, I wouldn’t have more than one if several more were not given to me. These would work better if you bought different inserts for them. (Something wide, like a Happy Heiney Insert or Haute Pocket Insert would be perfect!)

Looking for a similar style at a more affordable price? Try Tweedle Bugs.

8 Replies to “Blueberry Deluxe Diaper Review”

  1. i bought 2 pc of bluberry minky bamboo….price at rm120…..tooooooo expensive…..i thought with that price the quality is so so great but ……its not worth the money to buy this cd….it alwys leakkkkkkkkkkkssss…..i got other affordable cd price rm37/pc….this works way way much better than this bluberry….basically bluberry cd suksssss….it dosent work at alll…..i alrdy prewash it as adive…..bla bla bla…but then still leaks…….bluberry cd is blaclisted for me…..

  2. I am NOT a fan of this diaper. I have the Swaddlebees version econappi….and it leaks!!! Granted my DD is a super soaker but it leaks out in under TWO hours. The insert is competely drenched and saturated in under 2 hours – this does not happen with any others in our stash. AND this is the most expensive diaper in my stash….and most unreliable. I would never use this to leave the house – this will be her first diaper of the morning, the one that is on for about an hour before she has her BM. We’ll see if it contains a BM. VERY disappointed with this diaper mostly because of how much it costs, I expect more. Part of me thinks it’s the bamboo insert….bamboo just has not worked for us….supposedly it is more absorbant than cotton but that has not been my experience with ANY bamboo (I think all of my organic cottons are much more absorbant…)

    1. My econappi is actually holding up pretty well. The bamboo inserts and hemp inserts do take longer to prep than cotton- something about natural oils in the fabric. You can use them after a 3 wash prep, but it really takes more than 7 or 8 to really get them working well. Blueberry and Econappi also don’t work well with squiggly babies, the inserts get all bunched up and don’t offer as much coverage. I am impressed with how well the Blueberry and Econappi hold up. After using and washing mine daily for almost 2 years now, they are still going strong, which is more than I can say about some cheaper diapers that I preferred more in their early days.

  3. I personally love the blueberries diapers– the leg openings are wider than the others, and I have always had good luck with them. Swaddlebees leak on my little one too. Guess it’s different for every baby =)

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