WAHMies Diaper Review

Wahmies one size pocket diapers are pretty good. I have used both the hook version and the snap version. These diapers have the greatest range of any of the one one size diapers I’ve tried.

The hook version of this diaper (the brown and blue one) really intrigued me. I was hoping for it to be toddler proof. However, Aidan can still get out of it. To the diaper’s benefit, though, he never could get the hooks open. He just figured out how to suck in his belly and wriggle out of the thing! The hooks are not difficult to use. Once you play with it a bit, you figure the system out. They do take a little longer to get on and off. I suppose if I only had these hooks, I’d be quite speedy with it by now. Also, you can’t exactly expect grandma to change their diaper in or out of this one. The snap version is much more user friendly, but the size range isn’t quite the same.

The interior of this diaper is velour. Not the cotton velour of swaddlebees, but a synthetic velour like the blue “velour” blankets my grandmother used to have on her beds. (I loved those blankets. So much so that my Granny bought me several when I went off to college. I still have them.) After about 150 washes, my velour started balding in a few places. So, just like the blankets, these will bald and thin a bit over time. After closer to 200 washes, the interiors are more bald than not bald. When it balds, there is not much you can do with the diaper. They still “work” but the interior fabric is then thin and sheer, providing no wicking of moisture away from the child’s bum. Not cool at all. You can use any rectangular insert in these. I use Nicki’s Diapers inserts. (bumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Smartipants, Tweedle Bugs, etc. would also work.) The interior does wick the moisture away quite well. (While it is intact.) Natural velour tends to hold the moisture more, but this synthetic stuff will keep the moisture away.

Wahmies also have elastic in the front. It keeps them much snugger, without cutting off circulation. They fit any shape or size without too much extra fuss. I never have the interior rolling out the top problem with these. (Can be a problem with one size diapers when using them snapped down.)

Also, the hook version has a tendency to leak from the front , where the loops are sewn down. They seem to wick through the stitches on the front. This only happens when they get REALLY wet. For this reason, I typically avoid using these on long car rides or overnight.

Like I said, Wahmies one size pocket diapers have a very big range. This is probably THE ONLY one size diaper I’ve used that really will fit newborn through potty training. This diaper has an extra set of snaps that other diapers don’t have. These easily fit at 6 lbs. These still easily fit at 38 lbs. The hook version has more range in this area, but even the snaps would easily fit a 6 lb. baby and still fit a 38 lb. toddler. However, if your child is more rolly or super thin, the hooks would definitely give you a much better fit! These really do fit birth to potty training as claimed! That is a super plus.

Would I recommend Wahmies? Oh absolutely! These are very good diapers! Great quality! Super fit! If you are needing a easy diaper that a care provider can also use, you may want to avoid the hook version. But if you are willing to work past the learning curve, the hooks are the way to go with this one! The snaps are fine, but the hooks really add a lot to this diaper.  And a perfect fit on 3 kids is hard to do! I wouldn’t say these are great quality diapers. While they will probably last through at least one child, that isn’t my life. I need diapers to last and last. This diaper definitely doesn’t wear as well as some other cloth diapers. 

As a side note, my diapers look so fluffy here because I was putting them on the older two for bed. They each had two inserts in them. I tend to overstuff at bedtime! (Better safe than sorry!) They are not normally so fluffy when stuffed normally. Also, note that the hook version is not typically a good choice as a night diaper, due to wicking at the front loops. However, the older two don’t often pee much at night, so I can safely use them on them. (I still stuff them like crazy, just in case.) If you have a very heavy wetter or a very heavy night wetter, the hook version would not be a good choice for you- you’d be much better off with the snaps!

**UPDATE! After about 300 washes, the PUL on my hook WAHMies peeled. That sucked. It means the diaper is now used on a teddy bear instead of the kids. Bummer.

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