The Great Laundry Adventure Ends

What a terrible month to try to get my laundry situation perfect! We traveled out of state 3 times in November! So, needless to say, the laundry adventure was a big fat fail! I did establish the sort as you go/sort by room system which I am keeping. It helped a lot, especially with all the last minute packing and traveling. It was simple to look at the laundry baskets and determine who would be naked and who could make it without me washing their clothes right now. I was also able to alter my laundering to each person’s needs. (Toddlers get Oxi Clean in every wash! No fabric softner in baby and my stuff. Tons of fabric softner for the Pastor. Etc.) Socks are still a mess, but at least they are sorted by room.

Laundry Chaos Rating: 5

Load Breakdown: 44 loads

61 washer cycles

74 dryer cycles

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