Where Have All The Chargers Gone?

For those that care to know, yes, I sang that out loud to the tune of “Where have all the cowboys gone?”

Seriously, does that energy stealing monster from WordGirl come into my house and steal all my chargers? I’m constantly missing at least one charger for our many wireless gadgets. Ugh! I’m beginning to miss the days when the power cords stayed ATTACHED to everything! Ah! Wasn’t it nice back in the day when your phone would ring and you walked to the wall where it hung and ANSWERED it?! As opposed to now when, on the rare occasion that I hear the thing ring or it isn’t dead because I’ve lost the charger yet again, I begin tearing the living room apart trying to find the thing before whomever is taking the time to call me hangs up! Sigh.

All of this to say, I have temporarily misplaced my camera battery charger and will continue my reviews and witty things when I find the blasted thing! My camera is dead and has been dead for days, with no sign of the charger anywhere! Perhaps The Pastor hid it from me. Hmmm. And on a side note, when I replaced my Olympus Stylus battery, it no longer lasts weeks like it used to. My new battery only last days before I must recharge. Very annoying. I think it is time for e new camera, but I have so love my Stylus, I’m not sure I can part with it. (Well, that isn’t true. I would quickly and happily upgrade. Three and a half years has left me with a slow camera, though the pictures are still lovely. I’d upgrade and feel sentimentally bad later- way later! After the fancy newness of the new camera wore off and I was thinking about the good times I’ve shared with my Stylus.)

A photo of The Captain from my last batch of uploads, since I cannot blog without pictures. By the way, The Captain is rolling over now, according to Imogene. Sad that I, the one who gave birth to him, has not seen this feat yet, but his 3 year old sister insists very matter of factly that the baby can roll now. (I left him lying in the floor and ran to help The Worm Man potty. Upon my return, Emery was 3 feet from where I left him. I asked Imogene, “How did Emery get over there?” She replied, “He rolled.” I asked,” Did he roll by himself or did you help him roll?” She said, “Mom, he rolls now!” Sad that I missed such a monumental moment in his little life. I’m sure it won’t be the last time it happens.)

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