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Aprons For Aspiring Chefs

The little ones around here are getting a fancy new kitchen play set for Christmas. Their Granny bought them a kitchen over a year and a half. They have loved the stuffing out of it. Well, in this case, they just loved it to pieces. So, the Pastor and I decided to upgrade them to a big, fancy, deluxe kitchen in hopes that this one makes it a bit longer her in the parsonage. I just couldn’t imagine them play cooking without any fancy things to wear! So, I lovingly drafted and sewed two little matching aprons! Then, I made them each an oven mitt, because they will need those!

Aren’t they lovely little things? And I must say that my first pass at drafting a pattern went really well! I love the huge toddler hoarding pockets!


The pastor's wife is the homeschooling, crafty, reading, singing mama bear of seven awesome kids!

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