Bathing Suit Season

I hesitate to write this post. Really. Those that know me in person know I hate failing. And even more than I despise failing, I hate people knowing that I failed. (I am a secret competitor.) However, I read in a book (this book, to be a bit more specific) that if you write down a goal, 80% of the time, you’ll reach it. I also know from nursing school that a goal is pointless unless it is measurable in both time and quantity. All those things added together will hopefully equal me reaching my goal!

That is me with the family this past Sunday! (The Captain was baptized.) I am currently a size 10. Yep, I just shared my clothing size with the world, well, my world. This summer we are planning to go to the beach on a couple occasions. My goal is to fit into a swimsuit and look decent in it. That’s it. I don’t like weight goals, because different people look good at different weights. I don’t plan on attempting to get to my wedding weight (no way I am going back to kid’s clothing!). I just want to look decent in a bathing suit this summer. (I’ll pick a suit, to add more definition to my goal.) It has been years since I felt good in a bathing suit. Granted, I had summer babies in 2006, 2007, and 2009.

I’ve started with the 30 Day Shred DVD by Jillian Michaels. I’m not that into working out, but sometimes you have to. Since I can’t really do more in the way of dieting because I have a breastfed 5 month old, I’ll have to sweat a bit.

What I am not doing. I am not obsessing over my weight or my appearance. I know I need a tiny bit more help in the fit area, so I needed an attainable and definable goal to work toward. I am not insistent I loose weight or get smaller. I’m intent on being healthier, more fit. I wold be very, very happy in my size 10 jeans if my tummy were a bit more toned and I didn’t have the “extras” hanging around. Small is not the goal. Fit and confident are my goals.

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