Me and Etsy

After many, many requests, I have decided to open an Etsy store. I love shopping on Etsy, and hopefully I will love selling there, too.

Moose and Wormy: A Boutique of Play

I’m currently working on getting a graphic designer to design the shop banner and such. I will also be sewing hard, trying to create beautiful, fun pieces for kids to enjoy. I decided to stick with what I know: children’s play things. I’ll be making clothes and play things for children. I plan to sell twirly skirts to make any girl a princess or a fairy. I also plan to design and make some superhero capes! I’ve already got some crayon wallets coming. I’m planning on making aprons (cooking, crafting, and gardening varieties for kids). Smocks will probably find their way to the shop.

I would love your support! (Yes, you!) I plan on opening shop March 1st. I would like a decent stock before I open, but will get to listing as soon as I can.

Any suggestions for items you’d like to see? Or awesome superhero ideas?

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