Thou Shall Not Covet

So, you’re like me and you watched the awards shows, just to see what people had on, of course! And you thought to yourself, I could look that good if I had that fabulous dress! Well, don’t covet it any longer! I know, you don’t have the cash to go buy it. Heck, if you’re like me, even the knock-off is too expensive! So, where does this leave you? Looking for a pattern to make it yourself, of course! (And if you’re like me and have hundreds of patterns stock piled for who knows what reason, you may already have a pattern on hand!) The Pastor’s Wife is helping you covet no more! (And note: this list is not extensive. There are probably dozens more patterns for each one I selected. And know that I have not personally tried every pattern mentioned.) Click on photos for links!!!

Want something like this Nina Ricci dress worn by Reese Witherspoon? (And if you didn’t know, yellow is pretty hot right now!) You’ll like this pattern:

Just proving my yellow point! Want this Michael Kors dress worn by Penelope Cruz? How about trying this pattern: (Butterick 5317)

Maybe you love this drapey, greek goddess dress Hilary Swank wore by Vionette. This photo and information of the dress was difficult to track down! Thank you Elle for knowing what I’m talking about!

Want a beautiful dress similar to the one seen here on Olivia Wilde? Try: (Vogue 1102)

Yet another stunning dress by Michael Kors, this time on Debra Messing. Want to make a similar dress? (Simplicity 2692)

Want Tina Fey’s purple dress from the SAG Awards? This will make a comparable dress: (Kwik Sew 3735)

I hope this has cured you of coveting! (Hopefully I did not make it worse!)

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