Thankful, Even In Snow

This doesn’t happen very often, so we had to preserve the images forever! We have snow! Some of my readers to the North may laugh at us for making a big deal over a couple inches of snow, and I don’t blame you.  This is only after about 2 hours of snowing. (It is still snowing as I write this post!) I’m not much of a snow person. If I were a snow person, I would live somewhere with more than 2 inches of snowfall a year! But I do enjoy seeing the little bits experience new and exciting (for them) things! And I am thankful, even in the cold, wet snow.

The littles  all had a blast in the snow, especially Lucas (the lovely dog pictured with us). Well, Emery was clearly not impressed AT ALL with the experience. He was trying to figure out what all the excitement was about. Sweet boy, so much like his mother.

Snow does make you appreciate a few little things that you typically take for granted. Thank you Lord for a nice, warm house to cuddle up in when we come inside. Thank you Lord for warm clothes to wear in the slurry. Thank you Lord for a wonderful family to frolic with. Thank you Lord for my three beautiful children who let me see everything with new wonder and excitement. Thank you Lord for thick, fuzzy socks. Thank you Lord for a new baby and getting a whole new set of firsts. Thank you Lord for a silly dog that elicits beautiful squeals of joy from the children. I am grateful, even for the snow, of which I am typically not a fan. What are you thankful for today?

2 Replies to “Thankful, Even In Snow”

    1. I’m not so sure I’m thankful for Lucas. I think he should be thankful he still has a home with all his shenanigans!

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