A Certain Little Princess…

… has a birthday coming up.

Yep.  My sweet little girl will be four in just over a month. Four seems so big to me. You may not know this now, but four is when they are a big kid. Well, not a big BIG kid. Just old enough so they are completely beyond the baby and toddler stage. She’s big. *rubs tear from eye* Okay. Enough sappiness.

You’ll have questions for me, right? Questions about birthday gifts, sizes, etc. Well, here I am, beating you to the punch to clear it all up. Don’t get her anything! Seriously. Make her a glittery card with plenty of hearts on it and you’ll make her little day. (Don’t believe me? Last year, all she wanted for her birthday was balloons. She got other stuff, but appreciated and loved the balloons more than anything else she got. Sorry if you bought her something extremely fancy.) Imogene does not yet know that you can request gifts. For the love of God, do not teach her to do so! Life is happy with her just happily receiving what she’s given without holding out for what she asked for!

I know you. You HAVE to get her SOMETHING. Yeah. Okay. So do I. I understand. Really. She has plenty of toys. (Do I need to go take pictures of her room to prove it?!) She has a million, billion stuffed animals- all having names I can never remember and am constantly scolded for not remembering such important facts (when she herself cannot remember them either- but apparently that is MY job as a mom). So, if you MUST get her something- no toys. (Unless you make it yourself. Then by all means, give her the monster doll you sewed for her.) She loves books! Here is their Amazon wish list. Although, it is by no means all inclusive. Imogene loves all things fancy. Her favorite color is yellow (with pink now running a close second). Her favorite shape is a heart. She loves tea parties. She loves accessories. She can always use more hair bows to tame that crazy head of hair she’s got. If you want to get her clothing, fine. Just know, she’s got a lot. I sew. She gets all my first drafts of new patterns I make. So, she’s not in need of something to cover her tush. But here are her sizes anyway! She wears a 4 or 5 in clothing. She wears a size 10 shoe. You can also look at her Kaboodle List, which is still around.

That is about all the advice I’ve got. Really, you should listen when I say glittery card with lots of hearts!

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