I Think I Picked The Wrong Craft

I really think I did. I mean, I really like sewing. It is fun. It is creative. I get to do math. But it is not at all lucrative.  I can work my little (and it is now little because of The Shred) booty off and not get paid that much. I’m thinking jewelry or candle making would have been a much more profitable venture. At least it isn’t knitting. I mean, those crazy knitters put HOURS of work into a hat and then sell it for $20. Really?! Crazy! At least I only spent 45 minutes on my $9 cape, but still!

So, maybe I’ll venture over to the dark side of jewelry. (Although we all know, it’d just be for me to have cute and original things to wear!) Or maybe I’ll make candles. Well, probably not candles. I don’t do well with crafts that require melting things down to a liquid state. I’m a bit clumsy.  Or maybe I’ll just keep designing and sewing, because I like it. It may not pay the bills, but it makes me happy!

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