We officially started “Homeschool Preschool” a couple weeks ago. I had planned on waiting to do anything “formal” for another year, but the kids were begging me. (When can we learn to read? When can we do that book? When can we have school? Will you teach me?)

I had read A Well Trained Mind and decided we’d go that route. It makes the most sense to me. It seems the most compatible to my education philosophy and the easiest classical route to implement. Of course, the book doesn’t have you doing any “formal” education until the kids are 6. Not that you don’t teach them anything before then, but that learning and teaching before then is more “informal” and unstructured.

Well, the Goblets (term coined by The Pastor’s 5th grade class) were itching for something- anything- structured. So, I decided to start small. Our goal for the summer is for them (the two bigger ones) to learn to read. We also decided to get started on science, because they are EXTREMELY interested in scientific matters.

For reading, I snagged The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading on Amazon. It is a complete reading program. The Goblets seem to like it. The lessons are very short and each reviews the lesson before.  The Princess wanted to do the whole book in one day so she could commence with the reading. However, I told her we should take it slow. So, we have been making letter pillows each day to go with the letter of the day.  The kids love that. Imogene has also been writing her letters, though the book doesn’t call for that. (I may need to go ahead and get her a handwriting book since she is wanting to go that route.)

For science, I decided it was the perfect time to begin Zoology. Why zoology? Well, it is first in The Well Trained Mind and we did buy The Princess zoo passes for her birthday! We’ve been following The Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals, covering one topic a week. We started broad and we’ll move to more specific topics later. (Last week we covered habitats. Next week we’ll cover defense mechanisms.) We supplement each week with books from the library. And, of course, we visit the zoo weekly to look into our topic further and in person. The kids are really enjoying it. I’m really excited to see them loving learning so much.

Examining a baby elephant statue.

Getting up close and personal with the animals.

Loving his letter E pillow.

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