New Pet

I took the beautiful above photo with my new camera. Awesome, right?!

So, the littles want a new pet. Ugh. As if their one dog is not enough?! Well, to be fair, the dog really does not enjoy their company and spends most of his day hiding from them. He’s an old man. So, let us consider all the options!

Option 1: A Fish- Will inevitably flush. Before flushing, I will be required to feed it, make sure the kids don’t overfeed it, keep the kids out of the tank, clean the tank, “freshen” the water (according to the fish man at Petland), and keep the tank upright. That is a big task when you’ve got littles everywhere. Fish is out.

Option 2: A Bird- Will live forever. I’ll be taking care of the thing when the kids go to college. It will throw birdseed everywhere and most likely attempt to wake everyone in the house at sunrise. Probably won’t take to petting very well. I will have to feed it, clean the cage, vacuum the birdseed it throws in my carpet, keep little fingers out of the cage, and attempt to keep the thing in it’s cage. Bird is out.

Option 3: A Cat- I’m very, very allergic. No cat. Case closed.

Option 4: A Reptile of Some Sort- The Pastor is terrified of all things crawly and slithery. Reptiles (and amphibians) are out.

Option 5: A Hamster. If we are lucky enough to get one that doesn’t bite, the kids might pet it. I’ll have to feed it. I’ll have to keep it from escaping. I’ll have to clean its cage. Hamsters are out.

Option 6: Another dog. I can housebreak dogs. I’ve done it before. We already have one dog, so there isn’t much “extra” since I’m already doing the dog thing. I think this is the option we’re going with. Another dog it is! Now, to decide which one.

2 Replies to “New Pet”

  1. Good choice. May I suggest a smallish, short haired type. Chihuahuas are very nervous and too small for children, their legs snap like toothpicks. Jack Russells are very energetic and like to tear things up. I’ve had great luck with terrier mutts from rescues. That’s my two cents that you didn’t ask for.

  2. Lucas is a rat terrier and I have that dog trained well. He can’t do fancy tricks (other than dance in a circle on his hind legs) but he doesn’t lick or jump (usually). I can tell him to go in the other room and off he goes.
    We are still undecided on the dog breed. Adam really wants an Old English Sheepdog, but it holding out because he thinks Imo would prefer something cute and small (Maltese, Poodle, Yorkie, etc.). I’m trying to encourage him toward the Sheepdog. Despite the obvious grooming headaches, they are sweet dogs.

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