My Craft Bookmarks

I often wonder about other people’s bookmarking habits. I wonder what treasures they have bookmarked. Yesterday, it occurred to me that we could have a sort of bookmark swap! I tell you my bookmarks and you tell me yours. Well, on your blog, you tell yours. I’ll go first. These are just my craft related bookmarks. (And sewing is my craft!)  In no particular order (unless the computer puts them in some sort of order that I have yet to discover.):

Baby Pinafore

Pillowcase Dress

Girl’s Halter Top/Dress/Skirt

Double Elastic In The Neck Dresses

Peasant Blouse

Ruffle Pants

10 Minute Headband

Quick and Dirty Romper

Apron Dress

Thai Fisherman Pants

A Pettiskirt



Lazy Days Skirt

Dishtowel Skirt

Ribbon Trimmed Jeans

Stripwork Apron Top

Tiered Skirt

Double Tie Wrap Pants

Panties from T-shirts

Peasant Skirt

Wrap Cape

Baby Bonnet

Chenille Backed Blanket

Bush Hat

Toddler Backpack

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