I recently purchased the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn. It is a fabulous book! The pictures are lovely and the projects are drool worthy. There are 10 patterns in the book and I want to make them all several times! This is not a book for beginners. The projects are more difficult than a pillowcase dress or some pj pants. You need some skill and some awareness of how clothes fit together properly. But this book has patterns for 10 items, all in from size 18 months to a kid size 12!!!

So, if you’ve got the skill and eye, buy the book! Now! It is awesome! If you don’t yet have the skill, buy the book as a goal! It is a fabulous book! I really enjoy the challenge, and I enjoy having an end product that is a little more complex than what any gal with a sewing machine could make! Don’t get me wrong, I love simple. But occasionally, you like to flex your sewing muscles and show what your made of.

I made this pair of Dortje pants for Imogene. I just love them! The Pastor, of course, got a little upset that I made such cool pants in such silly fabric. He is not a fan of Hello Kitty, or seasonal things for that matter. He is so boring!

A view of the awesome pants from the back. I added ribbon trim to the top of the pocket and added some little loops for fun. I also added a ribbon loop the the top of the back. Imogene was not too happy about having spiders on her pants, but she got over it.

The book has two out of ten patterns that they consider unisex. The Dortje pants are not one of those two patterns, but after I made a pair for Imo, they didn’t seem particularly girly. I decided to go for it and try to make a pair for Aidan.

I made his in a bottom-weight owl fabric that I thought was just too cute! I added some olive green piping to macho it up a bit. I think they look super cool. I think the pattern works well for a boy or girl. (Since the modern boy look is a bit more feminine.)

They are a bit long on him. I may need to do some more hemming on them.

I’m thinking my little ones will need a few more pairs of these this fall! I may even make some for Emery!

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