Coming This Summer…

… a baby! Well, there will be lots of babies born this summer. Mine will be among them. I am so super excited! I love babies! I love children! I have awesome children!

So, here is how the scene went down. When I was pregnant with Emery, I told The Pastor that I would not inform him the next time I was pregnant. I was just going to leave a test out and he could find out the way I do, by looking at some lines on a strip. That is exactly what I did. I tested. It was positive. I giggled to myself, thanked God for his many blessings, and continued about my day, leaving the test on the counter as it had been. The Pastor is getting ready to hop in the shower, he sees the test, and comes to find me. He asks, “Is there anything you want to tell me?” I say, “Nothing you don’t already know.” He asks, “Is two lines positive?” I said, “Yes, the instructions were right on the pack it was on.” He says, “Oh.” AND HE WALKED OFF! Yep. That is how that went. I don’t hold it against him, he’s a guy. He has to process. And there were lots of aspects of this to process.

You can agree or disagree, but here it is. We trust our fertility to the Lord. Nothing is “planned” or prevented. We leave it in His hands. It was a choice of faith we made and we’ve stuck by that. God has always provided. Of course, not planning means that when we are blessed, we are then put to the test. Because inevitably, nothing is ever completely aligned for adding to the family. With Imogene, we had just moved to Mississippi for The Pastor to attend seminary. We barely had room for the dog, much less another person. God provided us with a ministry opportunity with housing included! Praise the Lord! With Aidan, we didn’t have insurance. We were dirt poor, falling far below the poverty level, even in Mississippi. But the Lord provided once again. We never ever struggled for money, though in all aspects, it would seem we should have. We always had enough and we didn’t suffer. With Emery, we had moved to a very small house in Georgia. We had no room for another baby in our 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom farm house. Our car didn’t have enough seats for 5 people. Once again, God provided. Not only a new, much bigger, place to live and a new van, but an awakening of sort spiritually in my pregnancy. It was wonderful. I never knew bearing children could bless you soul so deeply. Now, with this child, we have no maternity coverage on insurance. It goes into effect 2 months after the baby is. I could stress about that, but I’m not. Because God has always been faithful to me and I know He will provide. He always does.

If you are wondering where you can get those nifty (and super-duper cheap) pregnancy test strips, look here on Amazon. You can buy 50 for $9.89.

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