Snow and Spam

So, the dreaded winter storm hit the parsonage about 30 minutes ago. It is snowing pretty hard for us southerners. Not sure what it will amount to, but my children will inevitably be chomping at the bit to get out in it at an unreasonable hour. Why do they wake up so stinkin’ early when it snows? Is it a light thing? I mean, being surrounded by a virtual forest usually ensures me sleep until 8:30. 9:30 on an overcast day. But have it snow, and they’re up at 6 am and begging to get out in the nasty, cold, wet stuff. (I’m not a fan of snow. Or cold for that matter. I think when I retire, I’ll move somewhere tropical. But then I’d have hurricanes and after Katrina, I’m not up for another one of those.) In fact, I just looked up and Aidan put on his rain boots and is walking out the back door! BRB! ………. Okay! So, that boy is silly. And why isn’t he in bed?! Anyway. So, yeah, snow. It is here. It is white. It is cold.

So, I’m reading through some of my spam comments (yeah, I read the spam comments) and I find that one is not spam, but one is hilarious. Like, laughing out loud funny… Great… now Imogene has on rain boots, mittens, and her sleeveless pajamas and is trying to go outside. Will they stop this snow induced insanity? Okay, where was I? Oh yes, spammers cracking me up. So, usually I get generic spam, sometimes it isn’t even English or isn’t coherent sentences. Today, I find an invitation to a “beach body” contest! Ha! I can see my 15 week, pale pregnant self in a “beach body” contest. If we are talking about the bodies we normally see at the beach in terribly ill fitting swimsuits, then, yeah, I’d take home first prize. But in the traditional sense of “beach body,” I’m not even ranking on that one. I’d be that one crazy person that enters those contests thinking they are hot stuff for one reason or another and ends up looking like a complete doofus next to the other bronzed, sculpted bodies. (Not that I want that kind of body- I do not. Ever. I prefer my pale, happy, healthy self. I’m just saying I’m not winning any bikini contests any time soon.) Thank you, clueless spammer, for the laugh.

Back to the snow, The Pastor (who, BTW, is blogging again) is now taking the kids out because there is no getting them back in the bed without seeing the once in a blue moon. Isn’t he sweet. I told them tough luck. It is cold. And wet. And holy moly there is a lot of accumulation in just half an hour. Yeah, you’ve got to see pictures of that!

And of course, since now our road is completely impassable, the local idiot brigade is trying to shovel a car’s way down the street. Yep. That is how people down here think. Oh, 3 inches in 30 minutes, yeah get shoveling! I guess they are planning to shovel the car inch by inch to wherever it is they think they need to go right this second. Sheesh.

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