Beginning Readers

I went to Barnes and Noble today to pick up some readers for The Princess. She is a new reader and she loves books. I figured I’d pick up a few beginning readers for her to read to help her practice her new skills and keep her interest in reading. (It can get boring reading the same few Bob books over and over.) Let me say, I am not impressed with beginning readers. Let me tell you publishers something. A level one beginning reader should be simple. Need examples? Read “The Cat in The Hat” and “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Suess.

“I made my watering can from an old milk bottle.”

That sentence, in no way, belongs in a Level 1 beginning reader. Beginning readers should have simple words with repeating word endings. “The mad lad is now sad.” “The fat cat will bat.” If the word “splendid” or “museum” is in the book, it isn’t Level 1! You’re just selling cheap picture books and calling them beginning readers. No way can a beginning reader read your books. You fail. You’re not helping kids learn to read or further develop their reading skills. You’re just trying to sell cheap books with popular characters in them. Why can’t you make a true Level 1 My Little Pony reader?

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