20 Week Update

So, I’m not quite sure what my feet are doing in the above picture, but you get a gist of the tummy development. I went for my 20 week OB check-up yesterday. It being Valentines Day and the appointment being late in the afternoon, the Goblins went with us. Dr. T was delivering a baby, so I saw Tia. The boys met their limit in the waiting room, so The Pastor had to take the kids outside to play while I had my appointment. I gained 8 lbs. this month. So, add that to the first trimester and I now have a grand total of 9.25 lbs. of weight gain. So, that was good. I feel huge. And it turns out, I am huge. I’m measuring 5 weeks ahead. (Yes, 5! I’m measuring “at least” 25 weeks.) Since the weight gain wasn’t too concerning, not sure how baby is so big. Of course, the Pregnancy Books all say I need to be evaluated because it is “very likely twins.” Where do they get these things? I’m not really concerned about that, either. I go see the perinatologist tomorrow morning, so they’ll do all the growth scans and such to see what is up with Charlie. I think he just hit his growth spurt a bit early. I remember with Emery, the perinatologist told me, “This boy is off the charts big!” We all see how that turned out. I had a 6 lb. 13 oz. baby. Hardly the whopper you would have expected from a comment like that. Likely, Charlie was just in a weird position. Stretching out straight up and down or something. At least, that is what I, in my non-medical opinion think. Tia wasn’t too concerned either, especially since I’ll be at the perinatologist tomorrow and I passed my gestational diabetes screen several weeks ago and take another in 4 weeks. The big change in this appointment from my last is that I’ve been feeling Charlie move this month! So, that is a pregnancy milestone there.

So, that also included what is coming up. I have my 20 week anatomy scan tomorrow morning. They count all Charlie’s little parts and see how he measures up. We’ll also have the option of finding out the gender. My vote is with you, the readers, on “yes” as of the cut off yesterday. Surprisingly, The Pastor also voted yes. I was pretty shocked there. I think the name thing is really getting him this time. I’ll let you know the gender as soon as we call all the “tell personally” folks and let them know! I think boy, The Pastor thinks girl. (He is 3 for 3. I am 1 for 3, and that is only because with Emery, I guessed “boy” because I thought “girl.” I’d put up another poll for guesses, but you guys almost broke my blog last night. (Okay, so the blog held up fine, but I was sure that many hits would have killed it.)

I’ll be trying to get together another couple sewing tutorials in the next couple weeks, so look forward to that.

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