“New” Chair

My darling boys decided to destroy an awesome gold armchair we inherited from The Pastor’s grandparents. Seriously, I think I may be the only person who loved the gold crushed velvet chair, but it was totally awesome. The Pastor was pretty sad about the boys ripping open the cushion and popping off buttons. He was much more sentimentally attached to the chair.

Imagine his delight when I said, “I think I can fix this!” He, of course, wasn’t quite aware of my plan to fix it, but he was happy that I was doing something to salvage the beloved chair. Off I went to the fabric store and bought some super awesome fabric. No, they didn’t have crushed god velvet. Darn. I settled on a pretty bird print. I thought it would match my living room much more than it does, but it is awesome enough that I may redecorate around it.

I stripped all the old gold fabric off. (This is the part where The Pastor asked me if I knew what I was doing or had I simply gone mad. I replied that I was not crazy, and sort of kind of knew what I was doing.) The most tedious part was getting 40 year old staples out of the wood. Then, I reupholstered the chair in the new, beautiful fabric. I was planning to somehow attach the seat cushion to the chair to prevent my boys from ripping it off and using it as a trampoline, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I ended up making a new cover for it and it remains separate. I didn’t make a new skirt, because I felt the skirtless look updated the chair a bit, bringing it a more modern look. I also adding the brown stuff (I have no clue what that stuff is called. I bought it by the yard next to the window trims, tassels, and things.) to cover my staple lines.

I love it! It is not quite as comfy (I mean, crushed gold velvet is pretty awesome stuff to sit on) but it sure looks better!

3 Replies to ““New” Chair”

  1. You did a wonderful job. It came out beautiful.. I recently bought 2 beautifully upholstered Parsonage chairs. They girl I bought them from said that they belonged to her grandfather who passed away.That as a little girl he had told her they had come out of a rectory in Texas, and were given to him, and she was going through a nasty divorce, and needed the money. She said she didn’t know how to clean the fabric, so she took extra care as to keep them in pristine condition. I know nothing about these chairs, and was wondering why they are upholstered with the long skirting, Please contact me in my E-mail so I can send u pics of them. Just looking for a little history. They all look so different, but these 2 I have have a phenomenal upholstery job on them. Even the legs under the skirting are upholstered. lslythang@aol.com

    1. Unfortunately, Lynette, I know nothing about antiquities. I’m a first generation pastor’s wife. 🙂 I hope you are able to find out the history of your chairs, though. It sounds very interesting.

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