Birthing From Within

I’ve been reading the book Birthing From Within by Pam England. I’m not usually the touchy, feel-y type, but I have been opening myself to new experiences this pregnancy. I’m not usually one for sentimentality. But for some reason, with this pregnancy, I am much more sensitive. I find myself touched by things that usually pass by me unnoticed. I thought Birthing From Within would be a good book for me with this pregnancy.

I will say that some of the art things suggested in the book seemed odd to me. However, since I was opening myself to the new experience and submitting myself to Pam’s expertise in the area, I went with them and did it anyway. (You shouldn’t hope to see any of my birth art. I may be crafty, but I’m no artist. Those will be staying in my little birth notebook.) The art did help me really see how I view birth. It also helped me see what my ideal birth would be. (And no, the birth I am planning is not ideal, but my situation is not ideal. So, I am at peace with my current plans and am working to make them as close to the ideal as possible.) Drawing pictures of how I view birth and how I view myself as a pregnant woman was pretty eye opening. I just went with what came to mind and found that I am not as “all together” as I thought. It made me realize that I do need more. More confidence in my body as the Creation of God. More connection in childbirth to all the women who have given birth before me and will give birth after me. I need to see the wisdom in women.

That is where I’ll be asking you (and I’ll be sending a message out on the old evil Facebook tonight… just kidding Facebook, don’t block me or anything for saying you’re evil!) to help. Every woman, regardless of her birth experience, has wisdom to share about their birth. You may not feel like you’ve got anything to offer, that your births are so different from mine or so far from ideal that you’ve got nothing to share. But you do. If you’ll take the time to look back at your birth and answer a few questions, you’ll see how much you have to share with women like me. And hopefully you’ll share it with me if you are comfortable with that. Here is what you can do:

– Write your birth story from your perspective. Don’t worry about it being the right or wrong perception or that your feelings about the birth were right or wrong. Look at the birth for what it was, not what you had hoped it would be.

– Answer the following questions as you can: (#1-#4 are from the book.)

1. What helped you most when you gave birth?

2. What was your spiritual experience as you gave birth?

3. If you could do it over again, what would you do the same? What would you have done differently?

4. What do you wish you had known beforehand?

5. Did giving birth change you? In what ways?

– If you are comfortable with it, would you e-mail me your birth story and answers when you’re done? (Or if we are friends on Facebook, you can message me.) I’m hoping that through this I can glean your wisdom as mothers. (My e-mail address is

I thank you in advance. Hopefully, this will be eye opening for you, too. My hope is that you see the wisdom in yourself and can grow because of that. If you are a pregnant mom needing to get out of your head with birth and get into your body, I recommend reading Birthing From Within.

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