A Name!!!

We have decided on a name for baby Charlie! Although, I am hormonal and a bit crazy, so you may want to refrain from embroidering anything until the birth certificate is all filled out. (Unless you want a crazy baby momento, which I’m cool with.)

Ransom Jonathan

If you know us, you know we’ll be calling him by the name we’ve given him, which would be Ransom. As a name, Ransom means “warrior’s shield”  or “deliverance; rescue.” It is Old English and was most popular during the Victorian Era. You may also know the name from Ransom Eli Olds; American automobile pioneer after whom Oldsmobile was named. You may also recognize the name from C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy. (Out of The Silent Planet, Perelandra,  and That Hideous Strength)

As you well know, we choose Biblical middle names. But not any old Biblical name or word will do. We specifically choose for each child a namesake with characteristics we would like our child to emulate or possess. (Or traits we think they may already possess. I tell you, I know a lot about these babies in utero.) Imogene’s namesake is Ruth, the image of friendship and compassion. Aidan’s namesake is Peter, the rock that the early church relied upon. Emery’s namesake is Silas, a faithful missionary companion. Ransom’s namesake will be Jonathan, another image of friendship and doing the right thing, not the easiest. “As iron sharpens iron so does one man another.” That is something I hope for Ransom. I can tell you, he is less fiery than the other boys. He seems more calm and more still in spirit. I anticipate him being a good listener. Though he does seem that he will be strong at times. He isn’t weak, by any means, simply quietly strong. (And that, in no way means he is better or worse than the other boys, just his own unique person.) We’ll see how right I am about those things.

So, there you have it at long last. A real name for the little guy! And look, I’m 4 weeks ahead of schedule. I had set the date for choosing the name at 34 weeks, and I got something done early! Of course, nothing else is done, but he’ll have a name when he comes out even if he doesn’t have a place to sleep (other than in my arms).

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