Freelance Reviewing

I have been doing quite a bit of review work lately. (Companies send me free stuff in exchange for an honest review.) I haven’t been reviewing the items on my blog, because really, I didn’t want to bore my readers. However, I will now be adding reviews to my blog for a couple reasons. First, in all honesty, “they” have asked me to do so. And second, because some of the books and items I’ve been getting are pretty cool and I’d like for you, my readers, to know about them.

Why do I write reviews? Well, mainly because I read reviews before I buy anything. I am not kidding you. I bought a carpet cleaner this week and probably read 100 reviews before deciding which one to buy. I rarely just go grab whatever off the shelf. So, I write reviews because I read reviews. Writing reviews in exchange for free books (and other random products) also feeds my book obsession with no impact on my budget. I read a lot. Getting free books helps at least lessen the amount I spend on books a month. (Some women buy expensive hand bags. I buy books.)

Hopefully these reviews will not annoy you, but rather help you. Hopefully they will help you make (or edit) your reading list. I’m just letting you, my readers, know upfront about what I’m up to. Yes, I get stuff for free and review it. I don’t let the freeness of the product effect my review. I review for those that read reviews, not for those wanting the reviews.

On that note, if you want an honest review of your product, I’m available.

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